Eastern OR Prison Tour

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After more than a year of getting to know the head administrator of religious affairs for the Oregon State Correctional System, we were turned over to new leadership and had to start over again...It was with great joy that an e-mail finally went out to all the prisons in Eastern OR to see if any chaplains wanted us to come in and do a concert for their prison between 8/4-12.  Five of the six chaplains responded almost immediately!  That gave us just a month to book a tour from here to Boise and back, book public concerts that would help support the tour, follow-up on all the details and find families to house and feed 7 of us: our band, a videographer, and my assistant, Sarah Wilson, who will also be performing with us for the first time. She will open for us at several events and have a chance to share her story. 

Would you PRAY for our tour (Aug. 4-12)? 
In a week's time we will do concerts for:
*3,500+ prisoners        
*3 churches
*A shelter
*A home for abused and abandoned children
*A kid's ranch for foster kids/ teens
Pray that Christ's love would break through, bring hope and encourage those that are broken, lost and hurting...We need you!  We cannot do this work without you beside us in prayer...Can't wait to share all that God does on this tour!
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Music That Matters Golf Marathon 7/28

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TO DONATE TOWARD THE GOLF MARATHON, HIT THE DONATE BUTTON FOR 'PAYPAL'  (Please enter golfer's name in Paypal's donation screen). 

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Music That Matters is a Department of A.C.T. Int'l, a non-profit 501(3)(c).  Your receipt will be processed through our A.C.T. Int'l office.

ay seem, as we toss the rule book, and play the 100 on the course all to ourselves (or on the putting green), having some unique fu

The Women of Belfair

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We just returned from a concert 3 hours away at Mission Creek Women's Prison in Belfair, WA.   About 45 min from Shelton on the Penninsula, we have been turned away the last two times we made the trip.  We definitely had a lot of people praying this time that we would get in without problems.  God answered and we did our concert, filled with original songs that share my story, both now and past history of brokenness.  45 women prayed to receive Christ tonight...It was especially touching to bring a couple of friends, Rob and Kathy who have both had a heart for bringing encouragement to those in prison.  Thank you all for being a part of this!
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Mission ConeXion 2012

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mcsideviewkateonscreenOver this past year, I've had the incredible opportunity to be the worship director for 2012's Mission ConneXion Conference held last weekend, January 20-21 at Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA.  The task was to put a skilled team of international worshippers together that could comprise our worship team and lead out in worship with different languages.  This past weekend was the culmination of a lot of work on the part of this team and I am so proud of them and all they brought to the table to give a truly international flavor of worship, and yet be humbled and surrendered to God.  Each member of the team either spoke two languages or grew up in a two language environment.  We sang not only English worship songs but also worshipped in Arabic, Indonesian, Portugese, Italian, Native American and Indian.  The conference is the largest Missions conference of it's kind that draws all age groups from children to those that are retired and looking for opportunities to serve.  Pray that God would raise up those who attended the conference and continue to lead them in their next steps toward missions.  Special thanks to:  Eric, Michael, Paul, Joe, Devy, Sudha, Peter, Sunita, Kari, Cory and Mike!  Also to Bill MacLeod, founder of Mission ConneXion, Lucienne and her team for praying and Marnie!
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