Purdy Women's Prison 10/21

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We arrived Sat night at 5p.m., only to wait an hour for our guard while a lock down was being completed.  At Purdy, we have 2 concert opportunities, but by the time the women were actually released, our first concert was only 20 minutes total!  Definitely a concert on "steroids" as we laughted, cried, shared my story and 13 women prayed to receive Christ in that short window. 

For take 2, we actually had an hour.  I shared something new with the women that I haven't used in concert before...about my sexual abuse by a babysitter when I was 2 yrs old.  God's been walking me through this over the past year...It been a difficult journey but I am beginning to see the world with a new wonder and trust.  A Childhood restored and reclaimed...I spoke about rejection and encouraged the women to put their hand's on their hearts as I asked God to heal and break off any rejection from their earliest beginnings until now.  More prayed to receive Christ.  Please pray for these women as some connect with God for the first time.  Pray for LeAnn and Cindy who go in monthly to bring the God's love and mercy.

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Eastern OR Tour in Idaho Day 6

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We've been without internet our whole stay in La Grande, so it's great to get another update out to you...Monday night, 12 men prayed to receive Christ at EOCI in Pendleton.  A handful of the prisoners shared with Sarah how their story was like her dad's and they hoped their daughters would be able to forgive them like she forgave her father...really touched Sarah's heart. 

Others came up and told us about their kids, some don't know where they are at ( we did Right in Between as an oncore - really a God thing and I prayed over all their kids and told them not to give up writing.  I asked them how many thought they would be better fathers when they got out than when they came in and most of them raised their hands...)

Tues night was the hottest day of the year in Baker City, OR.  We played for a community event, so not faith based and did much of our family friendly material with some originals...We shared about our prison tour and that we had tried to connect with BC but had not managed to connect with anyone at the prison in their town.  The superintendent of Powder Creek Correctional was in the audience and he said, "we'll get you in".  They rushed our approvals through and since this is not with the chaplency program, it will be a concert for the general population.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS!  Our sharing will be a bit different but our concert should work well.  I've often prayed that we would have this kind of opportunity.  That has been added to our Saturday schedule so, we will definitely need your prayers for tomorrow - tell you more on that in a minute.

Last night, we had a very moving time  with the children of Hope House in Marsing, ID. (A large facility with staff and about 80 kids - most from failed addoptions and foster care due to an inability to attach or be loved.  Some disabled / downs syndrome, etc adults who've grown up here as well).  

Sarah opened for us with some Disney and Broadway and the kids went crazy!  Roaring and singing along...Our night closed with a 17 yr old girl who just a year ago was an avid soccer player but has contracted a a rare and disabilitating disease called Divets?  Like MS but very fast acting and invasive.  A year later she is in a wheelchair and barely has movement below the waste and any activity takes a lot out of her.   She sang us a song last night that she wrote and played guitar in perfect time, her song so well crafted. I was very moved...

Tonight we will be at another children's facility called Children's Christian Ranch.  A similar setting - these kids are here as their last stop.  Homeless, foster care unable to be successful, some come from lot's of trouble and parents / grandparents cannot contain them.  Pray for our concert tonight.  Last night, when I sang our family songs, I was feeling like, "Oh man, I'm rubbing salt in a wound..."  But the director affirmed that it was good for the kids and that they loved it...Tonight, we need your prayers that the kids stay through the show and hear my story at the end...

Tomorrow is a long day.  We are pretty tired and need your prayers for God's empowering strength to restore us, to give us GOOD SLEEP - that has been a huge issue and is important for all of us, but especially for our drummer and Sarah.  Robert is bi-polar and without good sleep will start to go manic.  He has such good awareness of this and is sleeping in the basement of the chapel where it's cool.  We might move the rest of the men over there tonight.  Sarah has some health issues so it's hard to find food at facilities she can eat. She will be resting today until we leave at two.  ( I just rummaged in the kitchen and found eggs, veggies and watermelon, so we / she's good!).

Tomorrow we leave ID at 6:30 a.m. to head to Snake River Prison in Ontario, OR.  We do two concerts there - at 9 a.m. and at 1 p.m.  After that, we head back to Baker City for our third concert.  So 3 concerts, 2 load ins and set up / tear downs. 

Thank you all for your prayers.  Time to go and hang with some of these kids!


Eastern OR Tour Day 2

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We were unable to do our first prison concert yesterday due to a lockdown, but we were able to do the concert today -a huge answer to prayer - usually events are cancelled period, and today was our only day off for the the whole tour that we could have rescheduled - it is also very significant because this was the only prison we are going into that gave us full freedom with our videographer...so grateful it worked out.

 We have hit the road without our brother, Glenn, as his family is grieving the death of his sweet brother, Patrick who died late Friday night...please continue to pray for the Farleys as they come around Patrick's family - his wife and 8 children.   It is unlikely that Glenn will be able to join us, but we'll know better tomorrow.  His first and our first priority for him is to be there for those kids. 


As for the rest of us on the road, God is knitting our hearts together with our new team mates, Sarah and Chris.  We had Sarah open for us today and after listening to live snippets on the way to Umatilla yesterday we selected " A Part Of Your World" from Little Mermaid and "God Help The Outcast".  I also had Sarah share her story a bit further into the program.  She did an amazing job - We were all very proud of her!  We were bummed to not get in yesterday, but because we had today to practice beforehand, Sarah was able to learn harmonies in Glenn's absense and sing with us so it made for a better show.  It was a powerful night.  16 men prayed to receive Christ.

Tomorrow we head to Pendleton.  We'll do the same set we did tonight.  Our plan was to practice all day to get ready for Tuesday's event - now that Glenn can join us, we can rest a bit more before heading out and get back what we forfeited today.

The opposition as been the most we've ever seen heading into a tour.  We feel your prayers.  I woke this morning with a major tension headache / migraine and have been nauseated most of the day, but iced my neck and shoulders for about an hour this morning and have been drinking more water so we don't get dehydrated.  

We'll keep you posted - it's hard to get online, so grateful I "connected" this evening...


Eastern OR Prison Tour

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After more than a year of getting to know the head administrator of religious affairs for the Oregon State Correctional System, we were turned over to new leadership and had to start over again...It was with great joy that an e-mail finally went out to all the prisons in Eastern OR to see if any chaplains wanted us to come in and do a concert for their prison between 8/4-12.  Five of the six chaplains responded almost immediately!  That gave us just a month to book a tour from here to Boise and back, book public concerts that would help support the tour, follow-up on all the details and find families to house and feed 7 of us: our band, a videographer, and my assistant, Sarah Wilson, who will also be performing with us for the first time. She will open for us at several events and have a chance to share her story. 

Would you PRAY for our tour (Aug. 4-12)? 
In a week's time we will do concerts for:
*3,500+ prisoners        
*3 churches
*A shelter
*A home for abused and abandoned children
*A kid's ranch for foster kids/ teens
Pray that Christ's love would break through, bring hope and encourage those that are broken, lost and hurting...We need you!  We cannot do this work without you beside us in prayer...Can't wait to share all that God does on this tour!
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