Cancelled Prison Dates

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This winter has been a rough one with cancelled dates - We are especially sad when prisons concert dates are cancelled as we know the inmates look forward to having us there and we know that some who may have prayed to receive Christ won't have that opportunity.  Please pray for Cedar Creek (WA) who cancelled 2/2 and for TRCI (OR) - this was a necessary cancellation due to a medical conflict - but we are EXCITED to say that TRCI is rescheduled for June, so be praying now for God's preparation of hearts and how He wants to use us...

Women's All Night In Prayer Cancelled

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It's with sadness that the ANIP at Cedar Mill Bible Church is cancelled.  I have / had an awesome worship team for the women this year...Would be great to reschedule, but there is so much planning and coordinating that goes into this yearly event that that is unlikely...We will enjoy the snow I guess and pray in our homes.  Probably not all night though, so we definitely loose out!  So grateful to Ken Mogseth, Rebecca Loomis, Mac McIntosh and Devin Horn for being ready to go!  And Wendy Palau and her team for all their work and efforts..Until next year...

The Kate White Band Release Their Holiday Album, "A Christmas To Remember"

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Today's press release for our new Christmas album went out nationwide - we're pretty excited...Check out the press release HERE!
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Christmas Concert, Tour 12/8-15 and New CD!

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Thanks to ALL for attending our Christmas CD Release Concerts in Vancouver!  We still have one more show at Trail Christian Fellowship this Friday, 12/13 at 6:30 - Details here Also leading worship at Eagle Point Community Bible Church on 12/15 at 10 am.

For those who live south of the Portland / Vancouver metro area,  we are planning our 2nd Annual  Christmas Tour to Southern OR!  Our big event is at Trail Christian Fellowship on 12/13 so plan on joining us there and keep posted for the rest of our dates as they roll out!

We are also excited to be debuting our NEW CHRISTMAS CD! Hope to see you there!

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